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undead, wow, warcraft

Children's Card Games

Heard some good news today- apparently there is a 4th-edition Legend of the 5 Rings/Oriental Adventures/Rokugan campaign setting being developed. However it has nothing to do with 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Which makes sense if I actually thought about it (the revelation occurred on my Twitter).

I've never actually even played the Legend of the 5 Rings card game but I am slightly familiar with the RPG setting and am thus quite excited for the release of a 4th edition ruleset. Samurai + Powers = some kind of wonderful.

Speaking of card games I recently purchased a great deal of WoW trading cards hoping to get some kind of loot card. I got TIny who is a little mini mount. Apparently however I can only ride this mount 50 times. Yeah... makes perfect sense... *throws in bank*

Also, MTG Worldwake comes out this Friday. This expansion actually looks pretty nifty as far as expansions go. I'm looking at tweaking my Green deck to be a Green and Blue deck as these were the colours used to kick my sorry bum at a tourney thing on Friday. The tourney thing was an attempt to raise money for the literary magazine at school which currently has none whatsoever. Many chickened out or couldn't be bothered to show so the staff is still in pretty much the same situation.

Not all is lost, however. Our hope is to throw some kind of rave/party/dance thing to raise additional funds. In preparation, I have been building a playlist with the best techno/electro tracks I have. Hoping to get this whole thing together by March at the latest.


Seriously, we gotta make that rave happen.