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haunter, pokemon

Steampunk and the World of Tomorrow

Last night I had something of a revelation thanks to one of my favourite teachers ever. This year I'm beginning preliminary work on my honors thesis and I was struggling to come up with a topic that both interested me and had not been researched in academic circles. "Was" being the operative word there.

I knew that I wanted to do something with comics and/or animation as both are relatively under-represented in academia. I just didn't know what niche I could fill or what I could say that hadn't already been said.

Then it hit me.


The connections between modern steampunk and other literary traditions are many and (to my knowledge) unexplored by comics/animation scholars. There is so much that can be asked about steampunk.
Why do we like this period of neo-history so much? What concerns do we share with steampunk characters and settings? Why did we create this mode when we did?

Not only is this (I think) a worthy endeavour in research, but it is a topic on which I'm super super interested in and one that I'm amazed I hadn't thought of.

Hope this works out, since it seems like a lot of fun.