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kingdom hearts

Universes and how to find them

Where to begin?

Well today follows a very odd yesterday so perhaps I'll start there. First class canceled for no reason in particular. Went to mall to buy copious amounts of candy. Took Mary home to find that she was missing her iPod touch. Went back to campus. Found iPod touch sitting in the snow. Went to take Mary home again. En route, attacked by CDs in my car.

Strange days like that usually signal something about to happen. I'm waiting for Ansem to destroy my world...

To further the Kingdom Hearts kick I am on, I also began to think about worlds and universes (fictional or otherwise) and how they exist or even if they exist. My conclusion is that they do indeed exist, even the fantastical ones. Carl Sagan said, "The simplest thought like the concept of the number one has an elaborate logical underpinning."

See video here:

This catchy autotune leads me to conclude that since we indeed have a perceivable universe there must be a "non-universe" that is not percievable. Everything that is concrete is characterized by the lack of that very same thing somewhere else in time or space. Whether you believe that all worlds are connected by the light and dark in every heart (thank you, Tetsuya Nomura)  or simply that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, we can't deny that other worlds, other beings, and other entire universes exist outside our plane of realization or comprehension.

So the reason for this post- to those who don't believe that places like Middle Earth or Tatooine could ever exist: think again and consider my pseudo-scientific philosophizing.

And enjoy this video too. It always gets me pumped.